Club Trade Winds

                The Trade Winds Motor Hotel and restaurant opened in 1960 at 51st Street and South Peoria in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The hotel was the first of […]

The Little Frankoma Cracked Pot That Meant So Much To Someone

Notes Tucked Inside: Here’s what the notes found inside the jar read, exactly as they were written: This Frankhoma bowl or vase is one of the first made for sale […]

Gracetone Terrier # 205: The Grace of Gracetone

Gracetone Terrier #205: The Grace of Gracetone by Steve Hyde Synar Ceramics was purchased by John Frank in 1958 and renamed Gracetone Pottery in 1959 after his wife, Grace Lee. […]

Frankoma’s Billikens

Frankoma‚Äôs Billikens, Part I by Laura McLaughlin In my years of collecting Frankoma, I always look at the piece itself (how rare), the glaze color (how long used) pre-fire and […]

Frankoma Advertising Pieces

Frankoma Advertising Pieces Thru the Years by Bob & Vickie McBain Frankoma has made thousands of advertising items and specials over the years, and continues to do so. We have […]