The McBain Frankoma Book

2007, but never before published!

By Robert McBain

This is the Frankoma book of books! Although never before published, it is a compilation of many sources, some still available and some out of print. With 265 pages of dazzling color, it is easily the most comprehensive collection of All Things Frankoma available to the collector today.

And now for the first time, due to the generosity of Robert and Vickie McBain, this book is available free of charge, but only to website subscribers. It may be referenced or downloaded anytime, anywhere: auctions, antique stores, flea markets, garage sales; at your fingertips!

What’s more, the book is not finished! It is yours to finish, if you want to. The book is made available in Microsoft Word’s popular and user friendly DOCX format, enabling you, the reader, to manipulate the contents, add your own pictures and information, become the editor yourself!

Editors note: Please remember to thank Robert and Vickie McBain when you see them at the next FCA meeting in Sapulpa in September.

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