Frankoma Glazes & Colors

Glaze & Color Seminar
Frankoma Reunion 1997
Brown Satin - Rutile*Two shades of Brown1958-94
Buckskin TanLight Tan like deerskin moccasins1954
CoffeeMedium Brown1973-88
Fawn BrownButterscotch, usually with flecks1934-42
Maple #Butterscotch, lighter than Fawn Browncirca 1942
Mocha BrownMilk Chocolate Brown1934-35
Osage BrownMottled Brown with hint of Orange1933-42
Rubbed BisqueDark Woodtone1973-SA
Saddle BrownLight milk chocolate color1954
Sorghum BrownVery dark Brown1951-54
Blue-Gray JadeBlue-Green1933-42
Country GreenImitation Granite Ware color1995-SA
Forest GreenDark Green1993-SA
Jade GreenSlightly Bluer than Silver Sage with splecks1934-38
Olive Green1982
Patina/Verde BronzeEarliest sometimes all Green1933-39
Pompeiian BronzeDark Green with patches of Burnt Gold1933-38
Prairie Green - Rutile*Green and Golden Brown1939-95
Silver SageWaxy Pale Jade Greencirca 1942
TealDark Blue-Green1990-SA
Turquoise**Heavy, thick, like Indian jewelry1942
TurquoiseTranslucent1951-52 & 1955-57
Verde GreenTranslucent Emerald1933-36
Clay BlueSatiny-Blue--solid color1953-61
CobaltVivid Dark Blue1994-95
Country BlueImitation Granite Ware color1988-SA
Freedom BlueMedium Blue1976-78
Indian BlueOriginal name for Peacock Blue
Light Blue #Lighter than Sky Bluecirca 1942
Medium BlueSemi-Matte, solid color Bluecirca 1934-37
Morning Glory BlueUsed only for V10 and V11 Vases1978-79
Mountain HazeLight Bluish-Gray1987-92
NavyVery Dark Blue1985-SA
Peacock BlueTurquoise with patches of Royal Blue1942-50
Robin Egg BlueLight Blue with Dark Blue flecks1979-92
Royal BlueVivid medium-dark Glue--solid color1934-42
Sky BlueLight Blue, solid colorcirca 1942
Woodland Moss--Rutile*Medium Blue and Brown1960-74
Autumn YellowBright Yellow1975-90
Cream #Bright Yellow Used for Golden Guernsey Dairy1935-37
Desert Gold--early called (Old Gold)Creamy Beige and Gold1933-38
Desert Gold--Rutile*Creamy Beige and Golden Brown1939-95
Old GoldSemi-Matte solid, deep Yellow1934-42
Sunflower YellowMedium Yellow with Brown flecks1958-60
CabernetCranberry Red, AKA Mulberry in 19841992-SA
Cherokee RedDark murky Plum1934-38
Chinese RedBright Redcirca 1942
Desert Rose #Mottled Orchid, AKA Rosetonecirca 1942
Blood RedJewelry only--later Freedom Red1955-57
Dusty RoseMatte dull Pinkcirca 1942
Freedom RedBright Red1976-78
MauveLight Rose1992-93
PeachPinkish Color1989-92
Peach Glow--Rutile*Peach and Brown1962-74
PlumDark Purple1994-SA
Red BudMottled Orchid and Lilac1949-54
Terra Cotta RoseGlossy bright Pink1955-57
Dove GrayOff-White Medium Gray with slight Greenish-Blue cast1934-38
Eggshell #Early thick Off-White1933-42
Flat Black1973-75
GunmetalSilvery, metallic Black--like a gun barrel--Matte early, very shiny later1934-38
Onyx BlackEarliest sometimes iridescent1933-SA
Terra CottaClay color--varies with clay1980-SA
White #Semi-Matte, very white and thickcirca 1942
White SandThin White with clay showing thru in places1942-95
* = Rutile GlazesDefinite color changes on or about 1954 and 1970 due to changes in clay and rutile.
** = Turquoise used with Ada clay 1951-52,resumed with Sapulpa clay 1955-57.
# = Glazes so noted, while not listed as such in available catalogs,have been observed on pieces which can be dated by their know dates of production.
Frank Potteries Glaze Colors--1933--from early salesman's brochure in John Frank's own hand
#1Verde Green
#2Bronze Green
#3Maple Brown
#4Chinese Red
#7__________ Blue
#10Onyx Black
_____________Transparent Green
Cornflower Blue
Butter Yellow
Spring Green