About Frankoma


John Frank in the University of Oklahoma ceramics studio, 1931

John Frank in the University of Oklahoma ceramics studio, 1931

Made by hand from Oklahoma clay, every piece of Frankoma pottery symbolizes an enduring commitment to craftsmanship, to family, and to Oklahoma heritage. Since John Frank founded the company in 1933, the greens, browns, and golds of the pieces have reflected the beauty of the prairie. To collect Frankoma ceramics is to celebrate life in the American west.

First created as affordable, everyday dinnerware and serving pieces, Frankoma’s mugs, novelties, Christmas editions, Route 66 souvenirs, and commemoratives have become sought-after collectibles. The earthenware pieces, known for their distinctive terra cotta look and colorful glazing, are an important symbol of Oklahoma’s rich heritage and history.

Collectors of Frankoma feel a connection to the Frank family’s deep Oklahoma roots and ongoing commitment to American manufacturing and artistry. When you collect Frankoma, you aren’t just collecting pottery pieces. You’re joining a circle of people that truly appreciate this family-run business where ordinary clay becomes something extraordinary.

From its very beginnings right up until today, Frankoma pottery has been crafted from Oklahoma clay. Early pieces were made from light beige “Ada Clay”, sourced from the Arbuckle Mountains outside Ada, Oklahoma. Later, mineral-rich reddish Sapulpa Clay replaced Ada, slightly altering the appearance of the pieces.

As appreciation for the characteristic look and feel of Frankoma pottery has grown, numbers of collectors are growing, too. Collectors actively buy, sell, and trade the pieces, and some are now very valuable.

Every September, collectors from all over the world meet to celebrate a shared love of the company’s exceptional products. The yearly celebration includes a dinner, a show and sale, and information about Frankoma’s fascinating history.

Most Frankoma collectors do it because they enjoy being a part of a community where they can share their love of this unique American art form with others who appreciate it as well. If you love or collect Frankoma Pottery, we invite you to become a part of the Frankoma Collectors Association. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information about Frankoma by subscribing to our newsletter!