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A Dusty Rose Bouquet, Steve Hyde, 4/2018
There’s no place like home . . . with Frankoma! (Photo by Kelly Redman Polston, 10/17)




Just Dog Tired!


Let’s Go Fishing!


The Bitty Bilikens

Introducing the BITTY BILIKEN (year 2000):

The Biliken has never failed to be a faithful good luck charm. While wishing good luck, health and happiness for someone you love, follow his instructions, and good luck will also fine you. 





In 1954, John Frank, founder of Frankoma Pottery, was commissioned by the Order of Jesters (of the Masons) to produce a figure of their mascot, the Biliken. In time, only about 550 were made, which today are highly prized by serious Frankoma collectors nationwide. Almost 60 years later, his Frank x 2 daughters, Joniece and Donna, have created the next generation of that Biliken, a baby whose name is BITTY. Joniece and Donna Frank specialized in the production of their own original and unique designs in their studio pottery know as Frank x 2, located in the Frank home in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.


The Singing Nun
Sister Maggie the Singing Nun, Sept. 22, 2006. Designed by Donna Frank. Produced by Frank X 2 Studio. A companion centerpiece to the #308 Monk Candleholders, Donna’s inspired sculpture of the singing Sister Maggie and Joniece’s masterful skills in mold making and clay production have once again provided Frankoma collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of these rare limited edition pieces. Only 30 of these centerpieces were produced; each carries a limited edition number incised in the clay. It may never be produced again.


The 1928 Frank Vase