Frankoma Video Glazes & Colors Chart

Colors or Glazes of Frankoma
Brown Satin - RutileTwo Tone Brown1958-94
Buckskin TanDeerskin Color1954 only
Fawn BrownButterscotch with Tiny Brown Specks1933-42
Maple BrownTranslucent Maple Syrup Color1933-39
Mocha BrownCreamy Dark Chocolate Color1933-34
Osage Brown (Also Called Texas Brown)Mottled Orangish Brown with Patches of Brown1933-42
Saddle BrownCreamy Medium Brown1954 only
Sorghum BrownVery Molasses Color with Drips1951-54
Prairie Green - Rutile (Early Names, Bronze Green, Verde Bronze, Patina)Creamy Green with Patches of Brown1933 to Present
Jade GreenCreamy Light Green with Hint of Blue1933-38
Silver SageWaxy Light Green with Tiny Specks of Brown1934-42
Pompeiian BronzeDeep, Dark Green with patches of Black1933-38
Verde GreenTranslucent Emerald Color1933-34
Early Mint GreenTranslucent Creamy Light Green1933-34
Blue Grey JadeBluish, Greyish Green with Pepper1933-38
TurquoiseDeep, Thick, Creamy Blue/Green1942 only
TurquoiseThin, Translucent Blue/Green1949-53
TurquoiseThin, Blue/Green with Red Highlights on Red Clay1954-57
Clay BlueSatiny Solid Light Blue1953-61
Indian or Peacock BlueTwo Tone Mottled Blue1942-50
Early or Medium BlueTranslucent with Patchy Look1933-34
Royal BlueVivid Medium to Dark Blue with Tiny Pepper Specks1933-42
Sky BlueCreamy Light Blue1942 only
Woodland Moss - RutileCreamy Blue with Brown Patches1960-74
Desert Gold - Rutile (First Called Old Gold in Norman Era)Cream Color with Patches of Brown1933 to Present
Old GoldSolid Semi-Matte Yellow1934-42
Sunflower YellowMustardy Yellow with Large Brown Specks1958-60
Chinese RedThick, Very Bright Red1933-34
Cherokee RedDark, Murky Plum Color1934-42
Desert Rose or Rose ToneMilky Pink with Speckled Red Patches1942 only
Dusty RoseCreamy, Matte, Dull Pink1942 only
Peach Glow - RutileCreamy Peach with Patches of Brown1962-74
Red BudMottled Light Pink with Deep Rose Patches1949-54
Terra Cotta RoseGlossy Solid Bright Pink1955-57
Blood RedBright Red, Jewelry Color Only1955-57
FlameVivid Reddish Orange, Often with Coffee Brown Inside1964-92
Dove GreyMedium Grey with Greenish Cast1934-38
GunmetalSilvery Metallic Greyish Black, Matte or Very High Gloss1933-38
IvoryCreamy Off-White, Originally Eggshell, Often Pepper Specks1933-42
Onyx BlackShiny Deep Black1933-Present
White SandShiny Translucent White1942-Present
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