What the Frankoma Old Timers Are Talking About


A “Lytle” Frankoma Love, 1934-35

Marianne (Lytle) Harris passed away June, 2012, at the age of 94 years. She grew up on her family’s farm called “Lytle Haven” at Melrose Lane and MacArthur in what is now Oklahoma City, a property staked out in the Land Run of 1889.

Marianne Lytle Harris may have inspired these Frankoma mugs in 1934-35.

After college, Marianne married her childhood sweetheart in a garden wedding at Lyle Haven in June, 1936. She was a wonderful homemaker and had a talent for color and design, and she loved to apply her artistic talents to home decorating.








Marianne was a member of The American Glass Club and loved collecting china and crystal. Throughout her many endeavors, Mrs. Harris embodied grace, intelligence, warmth, and compassion.










The mugs are all Norman colors and all incised with the perfect circle “O” Frankoma mark.


Just a “Lytle” Frankoma Love, 1934-35. Hope you liked it.

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