What the Frankoma Old Timers Are Talking About


Learning Ceramic Arts at Oklahoma University, 1928:

A Glimpse

Imagine, if you can, being a student in John Frank or Joe Taylor’s ceramics class at OU in 1928. You might have molded or been given a blank, greenware sugar bowl like this one.

The image above was blown up from a much larger historical picture, taken of an inside room in Joe Taylor’s Norman home, circa. 1928. Having etched an image into the greenware and carefully chosen glaze colors, your sugar bowl might look like these pictures after firing.

You would have been careful to stamp the OU Teepee mark and etch your name and the date into the bottom before firing, as shown in these pictures.

You might have chosen to create a vase in the same style, as shown below.

Learning ceramic arts at Oklahoma University, 1928: Just a glimpse.

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