What the Frankoma Old-Timers are talking about:

The Frankoma Old-Timers say that there’s a good reason for some of those early Norman Frankoma pieces to be stamped Okla. Pottery Co., Norman, Oklahoma or Norman, Okla. or come with a printed note tucked neatly inside. When John Frank changed his trademark from Frank Potteries Norman Oklahoma to Frankoma and the Pot & Puma mark, he wanted to make sure folks knew and remembered that Frankoma was located in Norman, Oklahoma. Some of these pieces were sold in the Oklahoma University student union. Examples follow:


This early Will Rogers plaque is hand pressed and very heavy compared to the later molded ones.



















Early Small Indian Mask #1












Early Small Indian Mask #2












Small Printed Note Tucked Neatly Inside

Scan 2016-7-9 0002










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