About James Molter, Jr.

James Molter, Jr., can’t recall any of his family members having Frankoma pieces as he was growing up. “I was probably first introduced to Frankoma Pottery in the mid 1990's at thrift stores. Since then I have always admired the glazes of the various plates, cups, and planters I have seen.”

“In 2014, I bought some non--Frankoma tiki mugs at a Goodwill store, thus beginning my passion for tiki mugs. When I collect something, I tend to want one of everything; I soon found out how impossible that would be. There are so many different tiki mugs out there, from vintage to modern.”

“I came across a Canadian antique store’s website that had a Frankoma War God tiki mug for sale. I thought it was so awesome, so I bought it. I started to research Frankoma tiki and found out about the line of tiki items they made for Club Trade Winds, Cultured Pearl and Frankoma customers. I decided to focus my collection on Frankoma tiki.”

“I soon found out that the more desirable pieces were few and far between and, to keep myself in the hunt, I started buying and selling other pieces of Frankoma. This proved enjoyable, educational, and was great networking in my hunt for the elusive Frankoma tiki.”

James now has a fantastic Frankoma tiki collection, along with a few other pieces he holds onto for possible trades, and others still that he plans to keep.

Rare and Unique Frank Potteries and Frankoma Vases

  Pictured here are a Frankoma #289 vase circa 1934-38 approximately 4″ tall in an unknown dark blue glaze, and a Frank Potteries #290 vase circa 1933-34 approximately 5.5″ tall […]