Frankoma Ashtrays Thru the Years


Frankoma Ashtrays

Thru the Years 

FFCA Convention

September 25, 2006 

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Do you know how many models of ashtrays that Frankoma produced over the years? 10, 20, 50, more? I don’t know either.   But I would like to share some ideas and information with you today about ashtrays that were done by Frankoma.

Frankoma produced ashtrays from its early days, and continued thru the years. Frankoma produced them in their general line, like the 455, 456, 458, and 461, to just name a few. Frankoma made big ashtrays like the 464 and 478, and made small ones like the 470 and 474.

Frankoma produced special ashtrays, like for radio stations, car dealers, and such, that were one of a kind. They did them for special occasions, like weddings, or to support special groups.  Frankoma produced them for fraternal organizations, political organizations, and everything and anything in between.

Pasted Graphic 16One of the early, more unique ashtrays that Frankoma did was the 1936 book ashtray. It was made to look like a set of books, but was really three ashtrays.   This is a very hard one to find, and is very unique in style.







John Frank did a very early ashtray, while in Norman, that was used as a special commemorative for 2005 (FFCA). It was deco style, and very pleasing to the eyes. This could have been very easily one of a kind.Pasted Graphic 17








Pasted Graphic 18

Pasted Graphic 19

Pasted Graphic 20Pasted Graphic 21

One of the more interesting set of ashtrays, at least to me, is the 31A, 32A, and 33A. These were produced only for a short time in the early 1940’s. They were big, and bulky, but in their own right, beautiful. This was something that John Frank and Frankoma were trying to produce, as this was the “style” of the times. But there were a lot of manufacturing issues with these, as they were so big. They warped in the kiln, and could not be made in the quantity that was required, so it was an idea that was shelved. But you can find them, and they are very unique examples of ashtrays.  The first two were meant to fit on stands, as you can see from the slots.   The third ashtray was meant as a desktop ashtray.

Pasted Graphic 23Pasted Graphic 24Pasted Graphic 25

Frankoma produced the 34 and 36 line of ashtrays that had stands with them. They were meant to be used as end table ashtrays. Again very stylish for the time that they were made in the 50’s. You could buy them with the stand, without the stand, and with different types of stands. One had a magazine rack with it, while the other just held the ashtray. The stands were produce for Frankoma by a company out of Arkansas.   They were square (34) or semi-round (36). Again they were big ashtrays, but did not have the problems of the 31A, 32A, or 33A style. Frankoma also produced the 34 and 36 line as a tabletop ashtray. The difference was that the tabletop versions did not have the slot in the top to fit onto the holders.

Pasted Graphic 26

Pasted Graphic 27Pasted Graphic 31







Frankoma had a 30 line that was a desktop ashtray that came with different handle styles. It came with a “Comma” handle, a “T” handle, or with no handle. Again trying to make an item usable to different customer tastes.  The “Comma” handle ashtray also was available as a stand style item. (4 different ashtray style stands, with or without magazine rack).

Pasted Graphic 33Pasted Graphic 35Pasted Graphic 36Another style of ashtray that Frankoma used over the years was the 458. It was used for many different events, celebrations, advertising, etc. It was easy to work with, was fashionable, and well accepted.   Versatility was the key to this ashtray.



Pasted Graphic 37

Pasted Graphic 38Pasted Graphic 39Pasted Graphic 41







The 466, like the 458, was used for many different purposes.  You can find this familiar shape in many antique shops and malls.


Pasted Graphic 42The 456 ashtray is one that people have collected, as it was around since the start of Frankoma, and can be found in every color that Frankoma has produced over the years. It is, in my mind, one of the unique shapes that was done in ashtrays, and is just a cute ashtray.



Pasted Graphic 43


The 402/460 is one of those ashtrays that was probably never used as an ashtray, but that is what it was designed for. The cocker spaniel sleeping on the side created an ashtray that was Pasted Graphic 44without a doubt, a conversation item.





Pasted Graphic 45The 450 ashtray was an ashtray that had different uses. It could have been used as a cigarette holder, when the lid was in place, or as an ashtray. It was also used with the 451 to make a mate to it.Pasted Graphic 46








Pasted Graphic 47When the two were combined with a vase, then it became the 63S. You could find the 450 also as 63A, the 451 as 63C.   The 63S could be used for many different arrangements and functions. Grace Lee published a flyer on using different items for decorations, and the 63S was very much in evidence in her themes and ideas.





Pasted Graphic 48Pasted Graphic 49The 452 ashtray has been featured in a Pot & Puma article, so I will not go into much detail about it here, except notice the “Q” tail and the straight tail. Check into the article for more info on this ashtray. (Pot & Puma Version 2 -2)




Pasted Graphic 50The large arrowhead 453 ashtray was used for different occasions, as was many of the ashtrays. It was used for the 50th celebration of Oklahoma, as well as others.






Pasted Graphic 51The 454 pipe holder was not really an ashtray, but used still as a smoking aid. It could hold up toPasted Graphic 52 four pipes, and had a place on the backside where ashes from a pipe could be dumped into.






Pasted Graphic 54The 455 was listed as a draft proof ashtray for cigars. As you can see, it had “lids” that were to trap the cigar ashes, and to keep the smoke inside. It had big slots for holding the cigars, when not in use. This item can also be found with adverting on it, and was used for other occasions.





Pasted Graphic 55Pasted Graphic 56The 457 was another ashtray that was versatile and used for many different things. This is one ashtray that has caused some questions among the Frankoma collectors, that to this day is still not resolved. And that is the Broadmoor version of this ashtray. This “style” was made for the Boardmoor hotel in Colorado, but some people say not by Frankoma, and others say it was done by Frankoma. The clay is consistent with ada clay, but it can be found in colors that are not quite true. So this is one of those mysteries that may never have a true answer. Personal feelings, is that it was done by two companies, Frankoma, and a Colorado company, using Frankoma’s mold, and maybe even some of Frankoma’s clay.


Pasted Graphic 57Pasted Graphic 58The 459 ashtray was produced for the 1952 election, and as you can image, had the elephant on it for the Republican party. The ashtray, when looked at closely, resembles an elephant footprint.





Pasted Graphic 59Pasted Graphic 60This number was also used for a couple of other ashtrays Frankoma made. The early version of the 459 was the six piece ashtray, and cigarette holders.   It had four small ashtrays that fit inside a larger container, that then had a lid to cover it all.   Cigarettes could fit into the bottom of the larger container, and be gotten to when an ashtray was removed.




Pasted Graphic 61Pasted Graphic 62The 459 was used in more recent times as a Texas shaped ashtray. Notice the difference between the two. Thicker sides, and the word ”Texas” in the bottom.





Pasted Graphic 63Pasted Graphic 64The 461 ashtray was done in different styles through the years.   The earliest version was the Amarillo ashtray. It is an unusual ashtray to say the least. The next use of this number was the Oklahoma shaped ashtray. The early version of this was a stepped outside . The later years saw this being replaced with a smooth outside, and also with and without the word “Oklahoma” in the inside.



Pasted Graphic 65

Pasted Graphic 66







Pasted Graphic 67Pasted Graphic 68Frankoma did numerous mini ashtrays over the years.   The #463 “Arrow Head” is an example of a mini. It would also come with writing in the bottom for advertising events or occasions.   The 468 “Fish” ashtray is another example of a mini.





Pasted Graphic 69Pasted Graphic 70The #470 “Aztec” is a beautiful example of an ashtray with both form and function.   The #472 “Skillet” ashtray is an interesting item. It can be found with nothing in the bottom, but most of time it will be found with writing about “Pancake Days”. This item was written up in the 2002 Spring Pot & Puma, if you want to find out more details about it.


Pasted Graphic 71Pasted Graphic 72The # 474 round ashtray was used in advertising, as well as other events. It can also be found plain.



There are other minis, such as #475 and 476, as well as others.


Pasted Graphic 73The #464 square ashtray is one of the larger ones that Frankoma produced. As you can see from the photo, elegant in design, and pleasing to the eyes, while being very practical in use.




Pasted Graphic 74Pasted Graphic 75The #465 covered ashtray was one of those special items that was created for celebrating Oklahoma’s 75th anniversary. It was then used for other reasons. It could be found with nothing, but this is the exception for this item.



Pasted Graphic 76The #469 was produced, and sold as a safety ashtray. The holders for the cigarettes were inside the ashtray, and not on the edges.






Pasted Graphic 77The #479 ashtray was again one of the “large” ashtrays that Frankoma produced over the years. It almost looks like two ashtrays, one over the top of the other. You will find this one with images or writing celebrating “Broken Arrow, Oklahoma”



Pasted Graphic 78The #489 ashtray was also one of the “large” ashtrays.




Pasted Graphic 79Pasted Graphic 80The #490 ashtray was produced in four different styles. One had a cork center, one had a solid center, and then they came with a handle, so it could be carried from spot to spot.






Pasted Graphic 81Pasted Graphic 82Pasted Graphic 83The #488 ashtray style was used for many different events and occasions.   Was it produced as an ashtray? I am not sure, but I bet that it was used as one.



The above are just samples of what it was used for. It was also used by the DX gas company as a promo item.


Pasted Graphic 84Pasted Graphic 85The #805 Vinson ashtray is one that was produced for a company as a promo item. There were three styles of ashtrays that were produced for Vinson Supply.




Pasted Graphic 86Pasted Graphic 87Frankoma even produced an UnAshTray, for the “true” non-smokers.







Pasted Graphic 88Gracetone produced ashtrays as well, and some of them crossed over to Frankoma or the other way around, depending on how you look at it. The F203 and F204 are two of the ashtrays that you can find in Frankoma as well as Gracetone.


Pasted Graphic 89

Pasted Graphic 90Pasted Graphic 91







2AT                                                           2AT1                                             2AT2







2AT3                                         2AT4                                       2AT8

Gracetone produced a series of ashtrays, the 2AT through 2AT8.

Then came the “Special” ashtrays that Frankoma did over the years. There were many of these to promote radio stations, organizations, events, etc. I will show a few of these, as this could go on for pages and pages.

Radio/TV Promos:

Pasted Graphic 95

Pasted Graphic 96

Pasted Graphic 97

Pasted Graphic 98














I am sure there are more than just these, but it gives you an idea of what Frankoma did.

Car Dealers/Banks:

Pasted Graphic 99

Pasted Graphic 100



Misc. examples:








Pasted Graphic 105 Pasted Graphic 106 Pasted Graphic 107








Pasted Graphic 108 Pasted Graphic 109 Pasted Graphic 110 Pasted Graphic 111 Pasted Graphic 112



  1. Thank you for the information and great pictures. Only because I like and collect Frankoma, do I and most non-smoking collectors, have a significant number of ashtrays in my house. 🙂

  2. Frankoma Collectors says

    Thanks for the feedback and great comment. Stay tuned for more resources and articles to come!

  3. Denise Anderson says

    Wow! They are beautiful! Thanks for history. I love Frankoma and didn’t know they made ashtrays.

  4. Denise Anderson says

    I have an ashtray that “looks” like Frankoma. The glaze design and the light colorcolor ada clay is showing on bottom but it’s only marked Made in America and not Frankoma….is this possible?

  5. Thanks for your comment and for being a subscriber. Yes, Frankoma made many different ashtrays. We’re still discovering new examples.

  6. Thanks for your comment. I have messaged you privately.

  7. Mitch Perry says

    I have a 458 round ashtray with a crawfish and say Beaux Bridge, La Crawfish Capital

  8. Thanks for your comment. That’s the 458L, and it is collectible in several categories: 1) Frankoma; 2) Ashtrays; 3) Crawfish; 4) Beaux Bridge, Louisiana. Nice piece! Ken

  9. What about the large 9” ashtray that has Braden on it?

  10. Thanks for your message from our website, calling this ashtray to our attention. I see that it sold recently on eBay to a lucky collector. I have attached a picture of the prototype for the Braden ashtray, also. Thanks again, Ken Wickham, website editor.

    Frankoma Braden Ashtray

    Frankoma Prototype for Braden Ashtray

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